Monday, January 13, 2014

Rhinestone Chessboard Bling Project - Glamorous!

Do you have friends who love chessboard games?
If yes, you should consider making this Rhinestone Chessboard for your friend on his/her next Birthday!
I believe he/she must love it!

This Rhinestone Chessboard looks very glamorous, and it is very easy to make!

What you need is:
- The Chessboard (I prefer buying those wood-made or bamboo-made)
- Light Colorado Topaz ss12 (3mm) Rhinestones 3200 pieces
- Slow Setting (45mins) 2-Part Epoxy Adhesive
- Rhinestone Picking Pen
- Triangle Tray for holding rhinestones (Optional)

1) Prepare the 2 Part Epoxy Glue for use, mix 1:1 portion of Tube A and Tube B, wait for 5 mins for chemical reaction to occur, then use it for the next 40 mins. 
2) Ready the Rhinestones on the Triangle Tray
3) Apply a thin layer of the glue on a light brown check, do not apply glue on all the checks, only apply on 1 check each time.
4) Using the Rhinestone Picking Pen, to tap the Rhinestones and bring it onto the Check. For the Chessboard i have, I am making 10 rhinestones X 10 rhinestones in each Check.
5) Repeat Step 3) and 4) to the remaining 31 checks.

It's simple! :-)

Rhinestone Chessboard Bling Project DIY
Making your own Rhinestone Chessboard is easy and fun! Best Gift idea for your friends who love board games

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