Monday, January 13, 2014

Rhinestone Chessboard Bling Project - Glamorous!

Do you have friends who love chessboard games?
If yes, you should consider making this Rhinestone Chessboard for your friend on his/her next Birthday!
I believe he/she must love it!

This Rhinestone Chessboard looks very glamorous, and it is very easy to make!

What you need is:
- The Chessboard (I prefer buying those wood-made or bamboo-made)
- Light Colorado Topaz ss12 (3mm) Rhinestones 3200 pieces
- Slow Setting (45mins) 2-Part Epoxy Adhesive
- Rhinestone Picking Pen
- Triangle Tray for holding rhinestones (Optional)

1) Prepare the 2 Part Epoxy Glue for use, mix 1:1 portion of Tube A and Tube B, wait for 5 mins for chemical reaction to occur, then use it for the next 40 mins. 
2) Ready the Rhinestones on the Triangle Tray
3) Apply a thin layer of the glue on a light brown check, do not apply glue on all the checks, only apply on 1 check each time.
4) Using the Rhinestone Picking Pen, to tap the Rhinestones and bring it onto the Check. For the Chessboard i have, I am making 10 rhinestones X 10 rhinestones in each Check.
5) Repeat Step 3) and 4) to the remaining 31 checks.

It's simple! :-)

Rhinestone Chessboard Bling Project DIY
Making your own Rhinestone Chessboard is easy and fun! Best Gift idea for your friends who love board games

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Crystal & Rhinestones Eye Glasses - for Spring and Summer!

Rhinestones at have been heavily used in many designer items. Our Rhinestones are trusted for its good quality, consistence color and sizing.

This eye glasses are made with our Rhinestones, including:
Light Rose sizes from ss6 and ss10
Rose sizes from ss6, ss12
Green Opal size ss12
Clear Crystal sizes from ss4, ss8, ss10

These colors made the best matches for Spring and Summer!

Leave your comments below if you want us to publish a tutorial on making this glasses :-) 

Get these rhinestones at now, prices start from $1.90 for 144 pieces.

Friday, January 10, 2014

01/10/2014 FRIDAY PROMOTION DEAL: Red Flat Back Rhinestones

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