Wednesday, October 23, 2013

How to remove glue off rhinestones?

How to remove glue off rhinestones?  This is another very frequently asked questions in craft forums.
I'd answer.... No, there is not any very effective way to remove glue residue from rhinestones surface. So, we need to Prevent it from happening, instead of finding a Solution to it. 

What's your rhinestones made of?
Before knowing what to do, and how to prevent it, we will need to know what is your rhinestones made of. The material of your rhinestones may causes a different result.

If you're rhinestones are plastic (acrylic) made, then it's very likely that the acetone glue will cause a clouding affect on the rhinestones surface. And, it's irreversible. i.e we cannot return it to sparkle.

If you're using crystal (glass) made rhinestones, you can remove the glue before it dries by alcohol. But this can be only done before the glue dries. Once the glue is dried, it's not likely to remove them.

Prevention is the key to solve the problem

To prevent the glue over-flooding the rhinestones, the type of glue and amount of glue used is very important. We highly recommend customers to use "45 mins Slow Setting 2-part Epoxy Glue" (click here to see earlier post regarding the use of epoxy glue), this kind of glue is easy to use, providing a very high strength and makes the gluing process easier.

The key is, only apply a thin layer of glue and use Rhinestone picking pen to place the rhinestones on top of the glue, so the glue wont flood the rhinestones., I have talked about Tips on gluing rhinestones, click here to read our earlier post.

Some people like to apply nail coating on top of the rhinestones, they thought it can bring back the brilliance of the rhinestones and to hold the rhinestones better, unfortunately, it cannot.
If the rhinestones are crystal made, it should not be coated, because crystal rhinestones has its own brilliance, it does not require external coating to help it shines. the coating will only diminish its sparkles.

If you have any further question about Glue, please leave your comment here. 

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