Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Applying Rhinestones on Prime Infinity CNC Aluminum Grip for Marui Hi-CAPA 5.1

Applying Rhinestones on Prime Infinity CNC Aluminum Grip for Marui Hi-CAPA 5.1

Today, we will be demonstrating how to apply rhinestones on your Prime Infinity CNC Aluminum Grip for Marui Hi-CAPA 5.1 air pistol gun. This is much easier than you thought and now you can save your money by doing it yourself, DIY now!
Prime Aluminum Grip encrusted with Rhinestones

Hi CAPA 5.1 pistol

Materials you will need:
approx 600pcs of High Quality Flat BackRhinestones in Size ss16 (4.0mm)
approx 10pcs of High Quality Flat BackRhinestones in Size ss12 (3.0mm)
approx 10pcs of High Quality Flat BackRhinestones in Size ss10 (2.8mm)
Two Parts 45mins Epoxy Adhesive
Triangle Plate for holding rhinestones
Magical Rhinestones picking pen

About the Rhinestones
There are plenty choices of rhinestone in the market, we suggest you to buy high quality crystal made rhinestones, instead of resin/plastic rhinestones. Crystal made Rhinestones are more sparkling and durable due to its hard crystal (glass) materials.Visit Qrhinestones Store to get yours. 

Resin/Plastic rhinestones are comparably softer and easily get scratches, thus making it less shiny.
After spending so much money on buying your aluminum grip, for sure you want to apply rhinestones which gives the best look and feel!

So, having all the things prepared, let's have fun!

Rhinestone DIY Project on Prine Aluminum Grip

First, you will need to prepare your adhesive.
We recommend you to use 2 Part 45 mins Epoxy Glue, which is best for the strength and the ease of use. Squeeze Tube A and Tube B in 1:1 portion on a disposable card board, then mix them with a toothpick. Let it stand for 5 mins before using it.
For more details on glue, please click here.

Applying adhesives
On the grip, using the toothpick, apply a small spot of adhesive on each of the hole.
DO NOT apply too much adhesive on each hole, otherwise, this will cause the adhesive overflow when you put the rhinestones on it, thus result in glue flooding the rhinestones.
Apply around 50 spots each time, because we may not be able to finish all the spots before the glue dries.

apply glue on prime aluminum grip

Applying the Rhinestones
Carefully, using the rhinestone picking pen, pick one rhinestone each time and place in the hole of the aluminum grip. Repeat the process. With the right amount of adhesive, there should be no sign of glue overflowing the rhinestone. 

Apply Rhinestones on Prime Aluminum Grip Demonstration
Applying pressure on each rhinestones
After you have placed the rhinestone, use a stick to press on each rhinestone, to make sure it's glued properly.


FINISH it in 45 mins!
The two parts epoxy glue we are using have a time span of 45 mins, so all the process should be done within 45 mins, otherwise, the adhesive will be dried and there will be adhesive strain remained on the grip. So, each time we apply the adhesive, only apply amount that we believe we can finish it before the glue dries.

TIPS: Fills smaller holes with smaller rhinestones
On the Grip, you may find that some of the holes are smaller, or the holes are not complete due to the edge or shape on the gun. For these smaller holes, use smaller rhinestones on it. 

Applying Rhinestones on your Prime Infinity CNC Aluminum Grip for Marui Hi-CAPA is Easy, Fun and Cheap! Grab the materials and DIY now!  :-D


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