Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Differences between Crystal and Crystal AB

Crystal and Crystal AB are sometimes very easily mixed up by Bling Deco beginners.

Crystal, also known as Crystal Clear, is completely colorless, transparent. You will be able to see the silver  foil through the stones surface.

Crystal AB, where AB comes from the word "aurora borealis", which means Northern Lights. It implies the special coating on the rhinestones making it looks like the North Lights. 

Cyrstal AB uses the same rhinestone base as Crystal Clear, but added the special AB coating that reflects  many different colors like gold, pink and blue.

AB Rhinestones are also available in different colors using different color base stones, like Citrine AB,  Aquamarine AB, Light Amethyst AB, etc.

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  3. Never soak crystals in water, they can contaminate the water. Try a Gemstone Well Crystal Water Bottle where the crystals are separated from the water, but still get the same benefit.