Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What sizes of rhinestones should I use to stick on a phone case?

When it comes to choosing the appropriate size of rhinestones to be used, every people will have a different preference. However, there is a generally preferred size to be used on decorating phone case.

At Qrhinestones, we recommend customers to use ss10 (2.8mm) or ss12 (3.0mm).

If you are sticking the rhinestones onto the phone case to form pattern, we would suggest you to use ss10, this is because smaller rhinestones will let you to make the pattern more easily with less gap formed, and is more precise.

The below image shows a phone case made of ss10:

If you dont need to form any pattern on the case,  just for plain color, then we would suggest you to use ss12, because when no pattern is required to form, gaps are less likely to occur and we can just use a little big larger rhinestones like.

TIPS: Always prepare a small quantity of smaller sized rhinestones

When doing phone case decoration, remember you should always prepare a small amount of smaller sized rhinestones, to fill up the gaps. Smaller sized rhinestones recommended are ss6 (2mm). This is because when you make up a pattern with the rhinestones, there are always gaps form which cannot be covered up by the larger rhinestones, so it's a good idea always prepare some smaller rhinestones, say 100 pieces should be enough.


When you decorate a phone case, choose the major size of rhinestones to be used (ss10 or ss12), then also prepare a small qty of smaller rhinestones (ss6) which will be used to fill up any gaps that cannot be covered by the larger rhinestones.

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