Thursday, June 6, 2013

How to glue rhinestones to your face?

Besides gluing rhinestones to personalized an item, rhinestones are also widely used on makeup.

So, how to glue rhinestones to your face?

To glue rhinestones on face, use the eyelash glue which can be easily bought from drug store, will be good enough. Use a tweezers to hold the rhinestone, then apply a thin layer of eyelash glue onto the back of the rhinestones, wait around 30 seconds, then press the rhinestone lightly to the skin.

What size of rhinestones to be used on face? 

That's depends on the area where you stick the rhinestones to, if you're sticking them onto your eyelids, we would recommend smaller sizes like ss6(2mm) or ss8(2.4mm).
If you're using them on your face, larger size like ss10 (2.8mm) will be good.

Still not sure which sizes to get?
Try our assorted size rhinestone pack at $6.90: 

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