Wednesday, June 12, 2013

How to choose rhinestones?

If you're new to Rhinestones, the first question that comes up in your mind must be "How to Choose Rhinestones?"

No matter in local stores or on Internet, they are many, many choices of various kind of rhinestones.  So, how to choose the right rhinestones to buy?

Choosing high quality rhinestones

For rhinestones to appear in high quality, several factors have to be considered, they are: cut, clarity and brilliance. 

Cut - the more the facets, the more the sparkle it has
Currently, Swarovski's rhinestones are having most facet cut, they are 14 facets. Czech's Preciosa and Qrhinestone's rhinestones are 12 facets. 

Clarity very much depends on the lead content of the rhinestones, all high quality rhinestones are lead-crystal. Swarovski has made up their own special formula on the percentage of lead content, which makes their rhinestones having a very high degree of clarity. Some shops are now selling lower cost acrylics rhinestones that are made of acrylic (plastic) not lead crystal, these rhinestones cannot be considered to be a very quality one.

The factor of cuts, together with high quality lead-crystal, this determines the degree of Brilliance. 

How to determine if the rhinestones is good to buy?
1) check the no. of facets (buy 12 or 14  facets rhinestones, don't buy rhinestones that are having 10 facets or less)
2) check the rhinestones materials, always buy rhinestones made of lead-crystal, do not buy acrylic rhinestones
3) check the back of rhinestone, matt-silver foiled back is always the best to buy for rhinestones (except if you're looking for hotfix rhinestone, which has a glued back)

If you're looking for a economical alternative to Swarovski's rhinestones, we would suggest you to take a look on the rhinestones selling at, they are cheaper than Swarovski's yet is in very high quality that is comparable to them. 


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