Tuesday, June 11, 2013

How many rhinestones are needed to cover Samsung Note

How many rhinestones are needed to cover Samsung Note?

Today, we will talk about the calculations to find out how many rhinestones you will need to cover a Samsung Note phone case.

Firstly, let's find out the dimension of the Samsung Note cellphone.

For Note 2, the measurements is:
81mm X 151mm
3.19"" X 5.94"

Before we calculate how many rhinestones we need to cover the Samsung Note, we will need to decide which size of rhinestones we will choose for this project.

What size of Rhinestones to use when covering a phone case?
Basically, it's recommended to use ss10 or ss12 for covering up an Samsung Note case,
If you choose to cover your phone in all one color, then choose 12SS stones, the application will go fast. But, if you're planning to do some pattern on the case, I'd suggest to go for smaller size ss10, this will give a better detail of the pattern.

Below shows a chart indicating the number of rhinestones they are needed to cover a sq.inch.

Size Number Needed to Cover
A One (1) inch Strip
Number Needed to Cover
One (1) Square Inch
ss8 (25.4 / 2.4) = 10.6 10.6 * 10.6 = 112
ss10 (25.4 / 2.8) = 9 9 * 9 = 81
ss12 (25.4 / 3.1) = 8.1 (8.1* 8.1) = 66

As a result, to cover a Samsung Note with ss10 stones, we need:
= Area of Samsung Note in sq inch * # of rhinestones needed to cover 1 sq inch
= (3.19"" X 5.94" ) * 81
= 1534 pieces

However, in this calculation, we assumed that the rhinestones are tidily applied one by one, in a very orderly manner shown below. 

There will be quite a lot of spaces in between the rhinestones. This is something we dont like to see when sticking the rhinestones. We intend to interleave the rows of rhinestones offset every other row for a very tight setting. So, we should be purchasing around 1/4 more than the calculations we got above.

No. of rhinestones needed to cover Samsung Note (back) using ss10 rhinestones: 1900 pcs approx

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