Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Creating your own custom phone case with rhinestones

In this tutorial, we will be demonstrating how to create your own customized phone case with rhinestones.
This is a very gorgeous phone case with a name customized on it. It's perfect as a gift for family members or friends on any special occasions.

Materials used:
Rhinestones - Montana Sapphire & Crystal from
Triangle Plates 5pcs - for holding and flipping rhinestones
Rhinestone picking wax pencil
2 parts epoxy adhesive

Transparent Plastic Phone Case
Pattern printed on paper

In this project, we are making a rhinestone phone case with the initials E.C. Before we apply the rhinestones, it's desirable to first create your own pattern and print it on a paper.
Here,  we are using font type "Corinthia" for the letters, E and C.

Cut the pattern to just fit on the phone case, then stick the pattern at the back of the plastic case by adhesive tape.

With a toothpick, apply a thin layer of the glue on the 2 letters, as shown in the following picture. Do not apply the glue on the background at this stage, we will do the letters first.

Apply the rhinestones on the letter E and C.
TIPS: for calligraphic fonts, it's always desirable to prepare at least 3 sizes of rhinestones, so that the edge looks smoother.

It should look like this after laying the rhinestones onto the phone case.

After we have attach the rhinestones on the letter E and C, then we will need to lay the rhinestones for the background.

Since we are using epoxy glue, the glue will not start to harden in the first hour, so, at this time, we should make use of the flexibility, and apply the smaller rhinestones onto corners. If you dont attach the rhinestones to the corners before the glue harden, you may not be able to squeeze the rhinestones afterwards, because the gap may be too small of the rhinestones to fit.

Lastly, you can apply rhinestones onto the background. 
TIPS: when you apply the rhinestones, only apply the glue on a small area, and finish the area before gluing on another area. This is because, the glue hardens on 60 mins, if you apply the glue for an area that is too large to finish within 60 mins, the glue will be hardened and the case will look clumsy if you apply another layer of glue on top of it afterwards. 

The finished product will look like this, very sparkling, very shiny and gorgeous!


  1. Looks great! What size rhinestones did you use?

    1. Hi Judiean, thanks for your comment. We use 6 sizes in this case, including ss6, ss8, ss12, ss16, ss20 and ss30.

  2. Hi, Jenni here. I was wondering what sizes were on the letters? About How many where used to finish the whole case & about how long did it take you to complete the whole case? It is very beautiful

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