Thursday, January 10, 2013

Where to buy rhinestones in australia

Where to buy rhinestones in Australia?
My friend who is living in Sydney asked where she can buy rhinestones that is good in quality and yet inexpensive. She said the closest place where she can find rhinestones in Sydney is Spotlight, but they are quite expensive.
If you're living in Australia, you may want to try ordering online from us, at!

Although we are not inside Australia, we are well stocked and can ship out your order on the same day/ or next day after you have placed your order with us.

Orders shipping to Australia normally it takes 6 days to arrive, our price is reasonable with very good quality of crystal rhinestones guaranteed! All of our rhinestones are lead crystal made, we DO NOT SELL rhinestones that is made of plastic.

Prices is AU$ 8.9 for 10 gross (1440 pieces) on size ss6-ss12.
Around 1/3 the price of Swarovski crystals.

Please visit our store to see the quality! 


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