Thursday, January 10, 2013

Please don't mix up Non-Hotfix and Hotfix Rhinestones :-)

Very often, customers in my store have mixed non-hotfix and hotfix rhinestones in their order. It looks strange for me to see a customer ordering both hotfix and non-hotfix in their order, so in such case, I will usually confirm with them before I ship them out.

And, surprisingly, nearly 90% of them really did make the mistakes to choose hotfix rhinestones while they were actually needing non-hotfix ones.

So, please make sure you are choosing the correct type of rhinestones in your order. :-)

Do I need Hotfix or Non-Hotfix?
IF you WANT TO IRON the rhinestones ON CLOTH, then choose HOTFIX Rhinestones.
Otherwise, choose the Non-hotfix ones.

I hope this helps.

Have a nice day!

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