Thursday, January 10, 2013

How Pointed Back Rhinestones can be used?

Have you ever wondered how pointed back crystals can be used at home?
Normally, pointed back rhinestones will have to be used with a metal setting, and this is not easy for many of us, because most of those metal setting is moulded in the Factory and comes as an end product to us. We do not have have freedom to design the mould ourselves. 

In this project, I'm introducing the DeCoRe Crystal Clay, with this crystal clay, it provides a clay platform for pointed back rhinestones to set in. 

DeCoRe Crystal Clay are 2 parts epoxy clay that can set in 60 mins, and attain full hardness after 24-36  hours. 

For the Round Pendant in the Image, I have used 1g of Part A and 1g of Part B crystal clay and knead it until it completely mixed. Then, we add pointed back rhinestones onto the clay with a rhinestone picking pen

Making of these crystal clay rings are easy and fun. You may want to try it at home this weekend. :-)

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