Friday, October 26, 2012

Explaining different types of rhinestones: flat back, hotfix, pointed back

We often hear about different types of rhinestones, flat back, hotfix, non-hotfix, iron-on, glue-on, pointed back, etc. Do you really know the differences and applications for them?

We will explain the different types of rhinestones in this post.

(1) Flat Back Rhinestones
Flat back rhinestones are rhinestones with a flat back on the stones. The back is usually matt silver foiled.
Some cheaper flat back rhinestones comes with gold matt foiled back, and some even with white paper back. They do not carry any glue on the back and requires additional adhesives in order to stick it on a surface. They are ideal for phone case bling decorations. Sometimes, it's called the Non-hotfix rhinestones.

(2) Hotfix Rhinestones
Hotfix Rhinestones are also a flat back rhinestone, but with a glue on the back and adhere to cloth when heat is applied. The back of a hotfix rhinestone usually comes in dark grey. With a special hotfix rhinestones applicator, they can be stick securely on cloth. Iron can also be used to press the rhinestones onto the cloth, that's why some people also call these as Iron-On rhinestones.

(3) Pointed Back Rhinestones
By what's in its name, these rhinestones are pointed back, they are mostly used for jewelry making where they can be embossed. Due to the more facets they have, they are very sparkly. In recent year, pointed back rhinestones are extensively used in Crystal Clay jewelry.

Crystal Clay Jewelry made with pointed back rhinestones

What's the difference between Swarovski rhinestones and Asian rhinestones sold in Qrhinestones's Store

I believe this is the most frequently asked question which I received every day.
There is no doubt that Swarovski has been the best crystal rhinestones for the Century, but why you still want to considering buying rhinestones other than Swarovski?

There are few reasons or differences you may want to consider about:

(1) Price: Swarovski is by far the most expensive rhinestones in the market. You will need to spend around $50 to get 10 gross of Swarovski rhinestones. For Asian rhinestones, which we are selling majorly, they are $8.9 for 10 gross. If you are looking for an economic way for some artwork or crafts, Asian rhinestones will be a very good choice to you.

(2) Quality: No doubt that Swarovski has been the best in all kinds of rhinestones. They are 14-facet cut, and made with very high quality crystal materials, which makes reflections and refraction very good. For Asian rhinestones in our store, they are 12-facet, but this does not meant they are not sparkly. A 12 facet rhinestones is good enough for reflections and refractions. And for the crystal materials, they are also made with very high quality crystal materials for the best reflection effects.

This photo is showing Asian crystal rhinestones in Jounqil color

To conclude,  Asian rhinestones is only 12 facets while Swarovski is 14 facets, but Asian rhinestones are only 20% of the cost you will need to pay for Swarovski. The ROI of Asian rhinestones is very high and thus is a very economical yet high quality alternative to Swarovski.

We offer a sample pack of mixed sized crystal rhinestones at our store with only $5.9:
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