Wednesday, July 11, 2012

How many rhinestones will I need? Method#1: Calculating the Rhinestones per inch

Many customers asked about how many rhinestones they will need for their project. It totally depends on the area which they would like to cover with rhinestones.

For all rhinestones, its size is measured by diameter in millimeter, they call it SS (stone size).

The standardised Rhinestones Stone Size Chart is:

ss5 (1.70-1.90mm)
ss6 (1.90-2.10mm)
ss8 (2.30-2.50mm)
ss10 (2.70-2.90mm)
ss12 (3.00-3.20mm)
ss16 (3.80-4.00mm)
ss20 (4.60-4.80mm)
ss30 (6.32-6.50mm)
ss34 (7.07-7.27mm)

By knowing the diameter of each rhinestones, we will then be able to know the number of rhinestones needed to fill up one inch in length:

Stone Size                      # of Rhinestones per inch
ss5 (1.70-1.90mm)         14
ss12 (3.00-3.20mm)         8
ss16 (3.80-4.00mm)         7
ss20 (4.60-4.80mm)         5
ss30 (6.32-6.50mm)         4

Then, we will be able to know, how many rhinestones are needed to cover 1 sq. inch.

Stone Size                     # of Rhinestones per inch
ss5 (1.70-1.90mm)               196
ss12 (3.00-3.20mm)               64
ss16 (3.80-4.00mm)               49
ss20 (4.60-4.80mm)               25
ss30 (6.32-6.50mm)              16

In this method, we assume that the rhinestones are tidily applied one by one, in a very orderly manner shown below. There will be quite a lot of spaces in between the rhinestones.

So, if you choose to interleave your rows of rhinestones offset every other row for a very tight setting, then you will need more rhinestones, up to one-third more.

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