Friday, July 13, 2012

Choosing the right rhinestones stone size for your project

Swarovski rhinestones and all other rhinestones comes in a variety of stone size, from ss3 - ss48. So, you may ask, which size of rhinestones should I get for my project?

Using smaller rhinestones
- You will need more pieces of rhinestones to finish your work, so with the more rhinestones you're using, the number of facets altogether on the surface will be more, reflecting more light, and resulting a more sparkling item.
- If you're working on a pattern with the rhinestones, the smaller stone size will result in a finer and more detailed pattern.

- Number of rhinestones needed will be more, and increase your cost.
- More time consuming to set the rhinestones

Using larger rhinestones
- Less pieces are needed to complete the project, quicker to finish
- Larger rhinestones have a very clear facet, and show a very luminous cup, the sparkled light is larger and thus looking very sparkling
- Can offer a very good texture of stones

- Easier to be ripped off when handled without care
- Spacies in between rhinestones will be larger

 There a lot of Pros and Cons for using smaller or larger rhinestones. Choosing the right size of rhinestones for your project is totally of your own preference. But for me, I'll usually choose smaller rhinestones for smaller objects and larger rhinestones for larger objects, keeping a balance between them.

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