Saturday, June 30, 2012

How to distinguish Resin Rhinestones vs Crystal Rhinestones

This has been a frequently asked questions, how to distinguish the Resin Rhinestones (or Acrylic Rhinestones) with Crystal Rhinestones. With the advancement in technology, resin rhinestones have been looking much closer to crystal rhinestones. Especially if you only use your naked eyes without touching it, it might be hard to tell which are resin rhinestones and which are crystal rhinestones.

Here we introduce a method to distinguish it with a Lighter.

First, we are going to use a forcep to hold the rhinestones and heat it by a Lighter for 5 mins, or as long as you see a black film appear. Then, let the rhinestone cools and wash it under water. If the rhinestones are made of crystal, it will return glossy after washing.

However, if the rhinestones are made by Acrylic or Resin, it will be melted by heat when burning it with the Lighter.

This is the ultimate way to distinguish whether the rhinestones is crystal or not.

In upcoming posts, I'll talk about other ways to judge the materials of the rhinestones. Stay tuned!

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