Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Here it comes my first post

After I long thought, I finally decided to open a blog and talk more about the rhinestones business I'm having now. I'd like to share more information on bling decorations, rhinestones supplies, techniques, and share nice bling decorated pieces.

Before I go into these topics, I think I should have introduced more about myself.

The Rhinestones business is a new adventure for me, though by profession I am a IT Marketing Specialist. The rhinestones business which I'm now running has turned a new leaf for me, I truly have found something that I am passionate about!

This adventure started not ago when I changed my cell phone from a 2G phone to Smartphones (which smartphone has a larger surface for bling decoration). I was surprised to see how expensive were those ready made bling case for smartphones, and I thus decided to make one for myself and save some money.

My first cell phone case took me many hours to complete, but I were so happy with how it came out.
After much practise, I have managed to do this quicker and nicer. I also started sourcing for better yet cheaper rhinestones for my products, to maximise the cost-to-performance ratio, without trading off its glamour.

Now, I have got the best rhinestones supplies for that range of price, and more techniques to share.
I hope you all will enjoy reading my blog, and hope it's not too late to start.

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